Conservative Group Slams GOP Congressman For Attacking Obama On Social Security

Greg Walden chained cpi club for growth

A top Republican’s attacks on President Barack Obama’s cuts to Social Security in his 2014 budget drew a swift and strong rebuke from leading grassroots conservative group Club for Growth.

Earlier in the day, Rep. Greg Walden — the chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee — denounced the Obama budget’s “shocking attack on seniors.” Later Wednesday evening, Club for Growth issued a statement that served as a veiled threat and urged him to clarify his statement “soon.”

“Greg Walden doesn’t seriously oppose even the most modest of reforms to social security, right?” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a statement. “With nearly $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the last thing Republicans should attack the Democrats for is for making the most minor reforms to our entitlement programs. If anything, President Obama nibbles around the edges of entitlement reform and doesn’t do anything to put entitlements on a permanently sustainable path.”

“Greg Walden ought to think about clarifying his remarks on chained CPI, and think about clarifying soon. I’m sure his constituents would like to know his opinion.”

Club for Growth is a major conservative grassroots organisation that spends heavily on Republican primary races. It recently launched a new website noting its list of establishment Republican targets for the 2014 cycle.

As the head of the House GOP’s re-election committee, this could cause a problem for Walden. He obviously sees an opening for an attack in contested House districts for the 2014 cycle — but if the Club for Growth’s reaction is any indication, it likely won’t fly.

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