Use Analytics To Measure Your Success On Twitter, Facebook, And LinkedIn

Any social media campaign that doesn’t have measurement tools is doomed for failure.  If you can’t measure your social media efforts, how will you know if you’re a success or failure?

Luckily, popular social media products such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have adapted analytics into their platforms.  You are now able to measure your marketing efforts in each of these tools.

For LinkedIn, you can see how many people view your profile across a certain time frame.  Knowing who came to your LinkedIn profile on certain days allows you to see how popular your brand is on LinkedIn.  If you did do a webinar or conference talk on a given day, it might be useful to see who is checking you out on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn also allows you to see who has visited your profile and you can click onto their profile as well.  Analytics on LinkedIn allows for great relationship building as well with people directly interested in you.

Twitter is such a fantastic dynamic platform that you have products like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite which have their analytics built in. Short URLs and hashtags go a long way to help the traffic of your site and SEO as well.

Facebook has included page impressions under the Facebook Pages features.  Page impressions give you an idea of how much traffic is being generated onto your Facebook page. Clicking on Facebook Page’s Insights section shows you a more detailed graph of: daily active users, weekly active users, monthly active users, likes and comments.

Monitor all of the above efforts with an analytics tool like Google Analytics will give you a more holistic perspective on how your social media ROI is equating out for your campaign.

Bottom line with social media analytics: use them or lose your ROI like a trail of loose change!

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