Social Media Tip: Educate Your Customers About Social Media – Lessons From Chipotle

I was recently at Chipotle getting my favourite bean burrito.  As I went to get my napkins and fork, I noticed Chipotle had a sign encouraging people to download their iPhone app.  I thought to myself, ‘Wow, Chipotle understands how to use social media to train its customers.’  In the instance of that sign, Chipotle was doing several things:

1. It encouraged customers to engage with them online

2. It turned that social media interaction into a monetized action

3. They increased their popularity by persuading people to download their app onto their iPhones.

The urge for Chipotle’s products doesn’t have to begin at the store.  People can order before they come into the store.  By using social media, Chipotle increased its accessibility and availability to even more customers beyond the store front.  The in-person experience allowed me to “become trained” on how to use social media to interact with their brand.

When businesses engage in social media, it is important to monitor your social media presence with customers willing to interact with them.  But what is even more important is the invitation and communication from businesses to customers to hop onto these social media outlets to interact with them.

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