An ex-Apple recruiter says a mistake that's so easy to fix is guaranteed to irritate recruiters

Rachel BitteRachel BitteUn-tag yourself immediately, says Jobvite exec Rachel Bitte (pictured).

You’ve got to be careful about what you put online.

Plenty of people have logged onto Facebook the morning after a wild night to find themselves tagged in a slew of photos featuring some questionable poses and lots of red solo cups.

It’s best to immediately un-tag yourself from such photos, especially if you’re looking for a job.

Rachel Bitte, chief people officer at recruiting software company Jobvite, said that poor choices on social media can seriously hamper a job candidate’s chances.

In fact, on the social media front, certain behaviours are almost guaranteed to irritate recruiters.

Jobvite’s 2016 survey of 1,600 recruiters and HR professional found that 72% of respondents had a negative reaction to typos. Other social media sins include sharing photos of marijuana use (which 71% of respondents couldn’t stand), oversharing in general (60% of respondents weren’t fans), and posting pics of alcohol use (which ticked off 47% of respondents).

“Literally recruiters are saying, if you have typos or grammatical errors on your Twitter feed or on your Facebook page or on your LinkedIn, they judge you more negatively,” Bitte said.

And social media stalking on the part of recruiters is on the rise, Business Insider reported. In fact, 60% of employers look up applicants on social media, according to a 2016 CareerBuilder survey.

So it pays to run spellcheck, keep some things to yourself, and delete some of those pictures from your crazy college days.

If you don’t, those snaps could seriously come back to haunt you.

“Guess what, recruiters are going to look,” Bitte told Business Insider.

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