How Social Media Professionals Are Maturing And Becoming Better Business People

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A Look At How The Social Media Manager Role Is Maturing (Digiday) 
A handful of interesting anecdotes about how social media managers have outgrown buzzwords and are beginning to think more about what they can do to drive more business for their employer. “You have to come into the role with maturity and an understanding of the business,” says Volvo’s social media manager. “Unless you have an understanding of SEO and paid media, and how those marketing mechanisms work, you will be very deficient in your ability to do your job.” Read > 

Industry Events For Social Media Professionals (Mashable)
A lengthy list of events related to social media. Conferences span advertising, technology, and media, so there’s something for everyone. Read >

Facebook’s Mobile Ad Boom Provides Model To Social Sites (Bloomberg)
What lessons are Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter learning from Facebook’s success with mobile advertising? Read >  

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Facebook Notches Double-Digit Per-User Revenue Growth Across Markets (BI Intelligence)

In addition to success with mobile ads, Facebook’s second quarter results were driven by healthy revenue in the U.S. and Canada and in many emerging markets. 
In the U.S. and Canada  average revenue per user (ARPU) climbed 23.4% between the first and second quarters and 35% compared to the same quarter last year, reaching $4.32. Read >Blogging Platform LiveJournal Is Still Wildly Popular In Russia (Mashable)
Activity on the once ubiquitous blogging platform LiveJournal has declined significantly in the U.S. However, 5.7 million of its members (roughly half of the site’s users) are located in Russia. Read >

Bill Gurley Justifies Snapchat’s $800 Million Valuation (Business Insider)
Your mother, teacher, boss, and neighbour are all friends with you on Facebook, and because of that you resist the temptation to post an immature or embarrassing photo, says Venture Capitalist Bill Gurley. Snapchat (which Gurley invested in early-on) has filled that void of being a private platform where you can goof off with friends. Read >

Pinterest Allows Users To Opt-Out Of Being Tracked (The New York Times) 
Pinterest users can enable a Do Not Track feature that allows people to avoid cookies that collect personal information, including those used for targeted advertising. Read > 

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