Social Media Marketing Gets Contextual Boost

The following article was published in similar form on BrandChannel:

Brand marketers are increasingly relying on in-text advertising and other contextual solutions that connect with their presence on the social web, “fishing where the fish are” (as the saying goes) to engage consumers with their brand messaging.

The contextual ads — think of them as mini-microsites with menu-tabs and interactivity — give users quick access to the marketer’s Twitter feed or Facebook wall, or can direct them to a YouTube video.

Vibrant Media designs contextual campaigns for brands, such as the highly regarded Best Buy Twelpforce campaign.

Best Buy’s Twitter account was monitored 24/7 to answer customer’s basic tech questions, using Vibrant’s dynamic custom in-text unit, the first in-text Twitter execution in the U.S. The campaign saw strong engagement with high CTRs and over a million user-initiated ad views. 

“We have seen the power of contextual advertising to connect brands and consumers with the right messages, across the right content and at the right time of engagement,” Jonathan Gardner, Vibrant’s director of communications, told brandchannel.

“Contextual advertising solutions deliver because they build relationships of relevance between consumers and brands. Social media is about word of mouth and what’s more relevant than what is shared by those with whom you have a connection, be they friends or brands.”

In-text, context — the sub-text for consumers is a more meaningful engagement with the brand.