‘Social Media Man’, A Hilarious Video For Queensland Public Servants About Internet Use, Is Straight Out Of ‘The Office’

Image: Screenshot.

This rudimentary cartoon video, “Lessons from Social Media Man”, has been circulated to Queensland public servants to warn them of the dangers of social media.

“Social Media Man” (are you kidding?) recognises citizens have the right to contribute to public discussions. But, he warns Queensland government employees there are a few things they must keep in mind when using social media.

“Garry” flies in demanding employees “Stop! Think!” before they “post, like, share or comment” on anything on the web.

“Reputation is everything, yours and the government’s,” Social Media Man, Garry says.

In the video social media man comes to the rescue whenever the cartoon employees are at risk of posting comments that could be damaging to the government.

“In a social network word travels fast. Make sure they’re the right words,” Garry said.

A Department of Natural Resources and Mines spokesperson confirmed it is an internal video which was created by its social media team to be used by the government.

“The video is a simple internal communications tool to educate staff across a number of government departments about social media policy and the use of social media,” the spokesperson said.

Here’s the video. Straight from the David Brent school of management.