Here Is Twitter's Expectation For The Jobs Report

On Friday morning, the BLS will release the November jobs report.

And in addition to Wall Street economists, folks on Twitter have also been sharing their expectations for the jobs report using #NFPGuesses.

Bloomberg collects this data ahead of the jobs report, and via Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal and Michael McDonough we find that Twitter users are expecting nonfarm payrolls grew by 238,000 in November.

So, a slightly more bullish expectation than Wall Street’s 230,000 consensus estimate, but nothing too crazy. 

As a quick reminder, here is an overview of what Wall Street is expecting on Friday morning.

  • Nonfarm payrolls: +230,000
  • Private payrolls: +225,000
  • Unemployment rate: 5.8%
  • Average hourly earnings, month-on-month: +0.2%
  • Average hourly earnings, year-on-year: +2.1%
  • Average weekly hours worked: 34.6

You can read our full preview of the report here.

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