Social Media Advertising Is Now A Top Factor In Influencing Shopper Decisions

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Social Media Advertising Is A Major Source For Product Discovery (Forrester)
According to research conducted by Forrester on behalf of Wildfire, 41% of social media users say they “typically discover or find out about new products, brands, or services by seeing ads on social networks.” For comparison, 34% of survey respondents said they use online search for discovery.

In a recent report by BI Intelligence, we looked at how social media companies are not only going after discovery but other portions of the sales funnel as well. Read >

Facebook Rolls Out Ads Preview For Ads Manager (AllFacebook)
Users of Facebook’s Ads Manage can now see how their ads will appear in the News Feed and right-rail. Read >

Twitter Plans To Make Its IPO Filing Public This Week (Quartz)
After submitting a confidential IPO filing on September 12, sources say Twitter is ready to make its company financial public this week. Read >

Here’s How Social Commerce Will Transform Virtual Window-Shopping Into A Big Business (BI Intelligence)
In a new report from BI Intelligence, we analysed the most recent data and spoke to leaders in the social commerce space to understand how their companies are adding value at different stages of the consumer purchase funnel. To do so they’re building social networks around e-commerce platforms, partnering with brands, or otherwise transforming social commerce’s strengths in Pinterest-style digital window-shopping into a clear value proposition. Read >

Collage Of All Profile Pics On Facebook (Faces Of Facebook)
Freelance technologist Natalia Rojas aggregated all 1.2 billion profile photos on Facebook and created an elaborate interactive collage that lets you see when people joined the world’s most popular social network. Read >

Twitter Suspends Al Qaeda’s Official Account (Business Insider)
After just five days since being created, Al Qaeda’s first official Twitter account has been suspended. According to The Washington Post said the account was “an official clearing house for Al Qaeda members to communicate and issue propaganda statements. .” Read >

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