Tackling Social, Local, Mobile Marketing: Pros Reveal Their 'SoLoMo' Strategy At Social Media ROI

Leslie Hall

Despite the general consensus that business opportunities in mobile, social, and local marketing are huge, the “SoLoMo” nut has not been fully cracked.

Mobile advertising numbers remain relatively teeny — and some claim they’ll stay that way.

The “local-mobile deals” space is a Wild West of competitors, from bigs like Groupon and Amazon to a bumper crop of smaller vertical players.

Social platforms, retailers, startups, and others are competing handily to “own” social, local, mobile commerce, or some permutation thereof.

Find out the latest strategies in ‘SoLoMo’ at Business Insider’s Social Media ROI conference, on September 27, 2012, in New York. The event focuses on “the holy grail” of social-media marketing: returns on investment. Register now to reserve your seat.

Speakers on SoLoMo include:

  • Paul Berry, CEO & Co-Founder, RebelMouse

Berry was the rockstar CTO of Huffington Post who its cofounders credit with helping drive the company’s expansion all the way to acquisition by AOL in 2011. RebelMouse is his buzzy new startup, a “social front page” for users of social media. He’ll share his industry insight into the most effective ways to market, and where the technology is evolving.

  • Leslie Hall, Principal, ICED Media, and Rachel Weiss, VP, Digital Strategy and Marketing, L’Oreal

The agency pro and the major-brand marketer will tell us: what’s working, what’s worth it, and what’s not. ICED is the shop that co-opted “Fashion girls” meme P’trique to actually make you want to watch a commercial. (Just click it.) So how do those strategies translate on the go, locally, or integrate with social?

  • Dan Frommer, Founder & Editor, SplatF

The insightful tech journo — and BI alum — will moderate a discussion dedicated to ‘SoLoMo,’ with an emphasis on breaking through jargon to real, applicable lessons for the audience.

Then again, questions about those rhyming verticals will inform the entire high-powered agenda on social media for business. Additional speakers include:

  • Susan Lyne, Gilt Groupe
  • Dan Roth, LinkedIn
  • Paul Berry, RebelMouse
  • Dave Gilboa,  Warby Parker
  • Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company
  • Adam Kmiec, Campbell’s Soup Company
  • And more!

Additional topics include:

  • What major companies are doing to engage and monetise their fan base on platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more
  • How to map the fuzzier concept of “engagement” to revenue — cold, hard cash
  • Avoiding trouble on social networks

Reserve a ticket now, before they sell out.

Here’s who should attend:

Marketers who want to put smart metrics behind their social efforts Consultants and agencies who want to offer their clients a clear ROI picture Investors in social-media analytics and social commerce companies who need to stay abreast of market trends and needsYou can follow @BI_Events on Twitter for further discounts and updates.

See you there next month!

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