Path, The Social Network For Groups, Launches “Stacks*” Feature Today

dave morin path

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Path, a social network for small groups of people, is launching a new feature today called Stacks.*Stacks tracks what people, places, and things its users tag in their photos. It then lists the top three things that are most commonly tagged for friends to see. 

By ranking the tags, people will be able to better organise their events and memories by topics.

“Since the beginning of Path, we’ve focused on a lot of structured data around sharing experiences,” says founder Dave Morin. “You can tag the experiences and photos with people, places and things to document them.  People find it to be a nice way to realise the context around the moment. 

“Stacks, which is launching today, shows the depth of their interest around people, places and things. Now users can discover how interested their friends are in something, relive their memories, and retell stories,” he says.

Stacks sounds kind of cool, but seeing top trending information, like that a good friend hangs out with his wife a lot, isn’t very surprising. 

But Morin thinks it will be most beneficial for creating a timeline of users’ moments.

“We’ve been researching how people use photos. They say they download all of their photos off their iPhones or cameras, but then leave the pictures unorganized and unused,” says Morin. “Stacks helps with self-organising. Now when people upload photos, they can add a few tags to everything as they go along to automatically organise moments rather than having to go back and manage [an overwhelming amount] all at once.”

*Headline originally read “Stats,” but the new feature is called “Stacks.”