More Evidence Gambling Could Be Zynga’s Billion Dollar Salvation

Slot machine winner

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Social games like Zynga are addictive – as addictive as gambling.And it turns out social games attract the same kinds of people you’d find in Vegas putting coins into a slot machine: middle-aged women.

Tyler York, a marketing guy at Betable, a company that is creating a betting marketplace, writes:

“Social gaming leverages the same game mechanics and psychological cues as slot machines to hook players. To us, it was no surprise when we found that social gaming is popular with the same demographics as slot machines.”

The $2 billion market for virtual goods is a drop in the bucket compared to the $1 billion a day slot machines bring in.  

It’s obvious to us that online gambling could be a billion dollar salvation for Zynga, which has faltered mightily in the past year.