These Four Trends Explain Why Social Media Is Finally Getting Shoppers To Buy Things, Online And In-Store

BII ecommerce conversions size
The stubborn conversion rate gap persists, but it doesn’t account for offline purchasing BI Intelligence

Overall usage on social media platforms is exploding.
Millions and millions of consumers are expressing likes on Facebook, tweeting about products on Twitter, and pinning on Pinterest every single day.
Retailers and brands are increasingly focusing their attention on social commerce. But many struggle with the question: how do you convert a “like,” a “tweet,” or “pin” into a sale? Is social media really going to be a source of dollars and foot traffic?

In a recent report from BI Intelligence
, we look at successful examples of businesses and business models for generating commerce via social media-based strategies.

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Here’s an overview of the four converging trends that promise to transform social media into a viable commerce platform:

BII social mobile purchases
Twitter users make over half their social media-inspired purchases on mobile BI Intelligence
BII specialty retail social platforms
Specialty retailers like Victoria’s Secret rush to adopt photo and video-based services BI Intelligence
Pinterest users, four-fifths female, are buying in stores after pinning BII

BII AOV comparisons
Conversion rates lag, but average order values are healthy on Pinterest BII Intelligence

The report is full of similar charts and data that can be easily downloaded and put to use. Our data archive includes hundreds of datasets on the mobile and social industries.

We also analyse Pinterest’s success as a social commerce platform, look at Facebook’s potential as a social commerce contender, and we examine the numbers behind the social commerce conversion and order value gap. The report is supplemented by rich datasets on social commerce, and subscribers will also receive full access to BI Intelligence’s full library of hundreds of in-depth reports, charts and datasets — including up to date coverage on social commerce.

In full, the report:

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