Warm Weather Continues To Wreak Havoc In Sochi

Seamus O'ConnorGetty ImagesSeamus O’Connor of Ireland crashes in the snowboarding halfpipe at the Sochi Olympics.

There have been numerous complaints about the venues at the Sochi Olympics and none have been ripped more than the snowboarding events.

While there does appear to be problems with design of the snowboarding halfpipe, the weather is actually making it worse.

According to NBC, the unseasonably warm weather in Sochi (highs in the low 60s this week) has created a slushy surface on the snowboarding halfpipe. The riders would prefer an icier surface in order to generate higher speeds and bigger jumps.

When riders are unable to generate enough height on their tricks, they often crash.

Just how warm is it in Sochi? At 8:00 at night in Sochi it is 52 degrees, 17 degrees warmer than Austin, Texas where at 10:00 in the morning.

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