The 40 Most Inspiring Photos From The Sochi Paralympics

There is a new group of athletes who have now taken over the snow and ice in Sochi to compete in the Winter Paralympics.

The events produce photos and moments just as beautiful as the Winter Olympics and often infinitely more inspiring.

We have collected our favourite photos so far from Reuters, the Associated Press, and Getty Images.

Team USA entered the stadium during the opening ceremony.

The lone member of the Ukrainian Paralympic team carries the flag of his country.

American Tyler Walker competes in the sitting downhill competition.

American Tatyana McFadden competes in the sitting cross-country event.

Marie Bochet of France celebrates her gold medal in the standing downhill.

Russian Vladimir Udaltcov leads the pack during the visually impaired biathlon.

China's Du Haitao competes during the standing cross-country sprint.

American Stephanie Jallen in the women's Super G.

Stephanie Jallen had one of the best celebrations after winning a bronze medal in the Super G.

Kirill Mikhaylov of Russia won the standing cross-country sprint and celebrated in the snow.

Some of the most exciting action has taken place during the sledge hockey competition.

The speed and precision is incredible to watch.

Even the officials have taken hard hits.

American Tatyana McFadden helped Norway's Birgit Skarstein back up after she collapsed at the end of the sitting cross-country event.

Andrea Eskau of Germany celebrates her gold medal in the biathlon.

Here is another skier during the visually impaired biathlon.

Team USA and Team Italy shake hands after their sledge hockey match.

Team USA competes in curling.

As Team Great Britain slides the stone in curling, one athlete is given a push from a teammate.

During the visually impaired downhill events, the athlete is led down the hill by a guide.

Gold medalist Henrieta Farkasova of Slovakia (left) celebrates with her guide on the medal stand.

Taiki Morii of Japan goes airborne in the men's super G.

And American Tyler Walker goes airborne in the sitting downhill event.

Canada's Mark Arendz acknowledges the crowd after winning silver in the biathlon.

Team Russia celebrates a goal in sledge hockey.

Yurika Abe of Japan collapses at the finish line of a standing cross country skiing event.

Andrew Soule of the United States also collapsed at the end of the men's sitting biathlon.

The three medalists in the sitting biathlon join together on the top step of the podium.

Team Russia discusses tactics in curling.

Russia's Roman Petushkov celebrates as he crosses the line first in the sitting cross-country sprint.

Team USA discusses strategy in sledge hockey.

Team Russia celebrated as a group after beating Team USA in sledge hockey.

It was a huge win over the Americans.

Irek Zaripov of Russia tucks his poles and glides on the way to winning silver in the sitting cross-country sprint.

Medalists in the biathlon gather together to show off their medals.

Andrea Rothfuss of Germany reacts after crossing the finish line in the women's slalom.

Two Korean sledge hockey players embrace after beating Team Russia.

Officials took to one knee to share fist bumps with the Korean team.

Canada's Josh Dueck celebrates after competing in the men's sitting downhill.

The Russian sledge hockey team waves to the crowd.

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