Photos Of The Historically Expensive Sochi Olympic Venues

Russia went $US39 billion over budget in staging the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

It’s the most expensive Olympics ever by far — beating the 2008 Beijing Olympics by nearly $US10 billion.

A significant portion of that cost came from the construction of nearly a dozen new venues.

Sochi was a resort town before it won the right to host the games. Two massive groups of venues had to be constructed essentially from scratch, at a high cost.

Some of the venues (the mountain ones especially) are spectacular. Others are a little bland.

The Olympic venues are divided in two areas -- the 'coastal cluster' and the 'mountain cluster.'

Let's start in the mountain cluster, which sits in the Caucasus Mountains.

The biathlon and alpine skiing center in Krasnaya Polyana.

It's the hub of the outdoor mountain sports.

The stands at the biathlon center.

The RusSki Gorki Jumping Center, which will host ski jump.

The jump from below.

A nice touch.

There's nothing around there.

The Rosa Khutor Alpine Center, which hosts the skiing events.

The lift at Rosa Khutor.

It doesn't get cold by the coast, but the mountains have unpredictable weather.

Rosa Khutor Extreme Park at night, from a distance.

The aeriels course at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.

The halfpipe -- which will host bobsled and skiing events -- at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.

Floodlights over the extreme sports park.

The Olympic Village at the mountain cluster.

The recently constructed base, with hotels and resorts, at the mountain cluster.

The Sanki Sliding Center, which will host bobsled, skeleton, and luge.

A luge athlete slides down the track.

The start house.

The inside of the track.

The track at night.

The coastal cluster sits on the Black Sea. The arenas are right next to each other.

It's also home to the Olympic Park, Main Olympic Village, and media center.

The Olympic Village.

Fisht Olympic Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies.

The stadium has yet to open. The Opening Ceremony will be its first test.

The roof is translucent, and it will be converted into a soccer stadium after the games.

It's beautiful at night...

... Not so much during the day.

The Bolshoy Ice Dome is the most striking arena.

It will host the ice hockey finals -- the main event of the entire Olympics.

During the day.

The view from across the Olympic Park.

It's roof is coated with thousands of lights.

Hardly the view you'd expect at a Winter Olympics.

Iceberg Skating Palace will host the figure skating and short-track speed skating events.

It has a more radical design than the other arenas.

It's a moveable arena, meaning it can be dismantled and reconstructed somewhere else after the Olympics.

The interior.

Adler Arena, an understated venue that will host long track speed skating.

Shayba Arena is the secondary hockey arena.

At 7,000 seats, it'll be an intimate environment for hockey.

The media center.

Inside the media center

The center of the Olympic Park, which will be heavily guarded.

Russia might have money to burn for the Olympics, but these athletes don't...

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