Photos Of Sochi Looking Like A Ghost City One Month After The Olympics

The future of the Sochi Olympic venues is unclear.

Alexander Valov, a Russian reporter for BlogSochi, visited Sochi’s “coastal cluster” — a site that includes six venues, the Olympic Village, and the Olympic Park, all built from scratch on an undeveloped plot of land — and he took some eerie photos this week.

He called the area around the Olympic Village “Dead City.”

The photos are a reminder that much of what was built for the Olympics has no long-term use.

While a few arenas and other buildings have plans going forward — the media center is being turned into a mall! — the Russian government is still behind schedule on post-Olympics planning.

Valov’s photos, which we’re republishing with his permission, should serve as a warning for what could become of the “coastal cluster.”

One of the main roads near the Olympic Village.

An unfinished construction site.

An empty road next to a hotel.

The Bridge Resort hotel.

Trash piles up in a drainage tunnel.

Construction was delayed before the Olympics because of flooding issues.

A hotel that was never finished.

It's unclear if these projects will be completed.

The boardwalk.

A stray dog near the boardwalk.

The Olympic Village, with Fisht Stadium in the background.

Empty rooms reflected in a puddle.

A pothole on a newly built road.

A bus stop with the still-being-built amusement park in the background.

One of the lawns at the Olympic Park.

The road to the coastal cluster.

A long view of the Olympic Village.

Another crumbling road.

Another Olympic Village dorm.

Where the athletes once stayed.

An apartment-style hotel complex.

An intersection outside the complex.

In addition to athletes, thousands of volunteers and military personnel have left the city.

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