Stocks Explode Again, Here's What You Need To Know


DJIA: Up 140 points to 11,167.

NASDAQ: Up 35 points to 2500.

S&P 500: Up 15 points to 1203.

Oil: Down 0.1% or $0.10 to $86.05 a barrel.
Gold: Up 0.1% or $1.70 to $1182.40 an ounce.
Silver: Up 1.1% or $0.21 to $18.85 an ounce.

Now here’s what you need to know as you leave work today:

  • We explain the deal with BP’s current insurance situation related to the Deepwater Horizon incident.
  • Auto sales for April are in – check out our post for all the details.
  • BP says there’s “no change in flow” at the Deepwater location.
  • The White House now thinks the Times Square carbomb is connected to international terrorism after all.
  • European markets, China, and Japan were all closed today. The action overseas starts tonight.
  • The ISM showed big growth in manufacturing (and inflation).
  • The Icelandic ash crisis is back.

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