So you'd like to catch some waves in your business suit? Quiksilver can help with that

Picture: Quiksilver

What do you do when you’re suited up and on your way into work but can’t help noticing the surf’s clean and pumping?

How about put your calls on hold and jump right in? Like this guy:

This is not a trick and yes, that’s a full suit. Specifically, a “True Wetsuit”.

It went on sale in Japan on Monday and it’s made by Aussie wetsuit specialists Quiksilver. For about $3200, you can squeeze a bit of extra time in the water into your lunch break without shedding your black suit, blue suit, or black tuxedo.

Picture: Quiksilver

Here’s the listing at Quiksilver’s Japanese online store, but there’s a two-month waitlist.

It’s fair to assume the outfit won’t dry in the couple of seconds it takes in the promo, but the jacket and trousers are made from 2mm-thick neoprene, so they’re pretty lightweight.

And the shirt is made from a new fabric developed by Quiksilver and 3M for high water repellency and “tailored with Dry Flight”. Even the tuxedo’s bow tie is neoprene.

Clearly, Japanese businessmen (there’s no sign of a women’s True Wetsuit yet) are more time-pressed than their Australian counterparts.

Picture: Quiksilver

Here’s the promo video, which also shows a nifty pen that sends messages remotely via your mobile. Clearly the last piece in the puzzle, but hopefully Apple Watch will go some way toward solving that.

And here’s another video which goes into more detail about how, and more importantly, why Quiksilver thought this was something someone, somewhere, needed.

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