So many people turned up for a nude swim in Tasmania today organisers ran out of towels

The Dark Mofo nude swim in Hobart. Photo: Dark Mofo

It was 4°C early this morning in Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, when more than 1000 people stripped naked to swim in the relatively warmer waters of the Derwent River.

So many people turned up for the fifth annual winter solstice dawn swim, part of the annual Dark Mofo festival, that organisers were caught short when it came to towels.

Around 750 people were expected and 1,020 turned up.

The ABC reports that even Dark Mofo organiser David Walsh’s wife, Kirsha Kaechele, didn’t get a towel and had to borrow a used one from a friend after her dip at Long Beach in Sandy Bay.

The ABC says unseasonably warm winter weather many explain the large turnout. Last year around 1,100 people registered, but only 700 arrived on a rainy morning with the air temperature hovering just above freezing.

You can read more on the swim and how much everyone seemed to enjoy it here.

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