So, How Much Time Do You Really Have To Renew That Apartment Lease?


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If you’re young and living it up in a metropolitan hotspot like New York, you’re probably beginning to wonder where the hell you’ll be living next year.My lease is up in January and recently my landlord and I had it out over when I’d sign, seal and deliver my forms.

Her stance: Get everything in by December 1.

My stance: My lease ends on January 1. What’s the rush?

No one in this city starts looking for a place until a couple days before they’re about to get kicked out. It’s the American way!

But despite my protests, it turns out my landlord’s actually in the right, says BrickUnderground’s rent coach Mike Akerly.

Here’s why:

“No landlord is going to allow less than 30 days notice on a renewal,” Akerly said. “In fact, 60 days is not uncommon. They want to start marketing the apartment as soon as possible to avoid a vacancy of you’re not going to stay. That being said, if you’re a market rate renter you should check for a renewal provision in your lease.”

If I was living in a rent-stablized apartment, the terms would be even more stringent, reported BrickUndergound.

“The New York Rent stabilisation Code provides a window period of not less than 90 days and not more than 150 days for a landlord to offer a lease renewal,” wrote Teri Karush Rogers.

With landlords flipping out over the rise in vacancies since the downturn, they’ve taken to using high-tech search tools to jack up rents and won’t be shy about asking for more money.

That’s why tenants need to be on the lookout for signs their rent’s about to increase and go into their lease renewal knowing what they’re willing to pay—and what terms should be changed (say, allowing pets). 

Since there’s no way I’m about to start subletting again, it looks like I’ll be renewing the agreement.

If you’re in the same boat, I recommend you check out this primer on negotiating your rent rise and encourage you to sound off in the comments about how you’re handling your own lease renewal.

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