Snowpocalypse: Wall Street Firms Make Plans For The Big Storm To Hit

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Wall Street’s banks are treating the coming snow storm much as they did the credit crisis: assuming it won’t be too bad and hoping they are nimble enough to react in time.

The basic message at several banks seems to be: “Be smart. Use your head.”

While no one is calling for a corporate wide snow day just yet, many of the biggest banks are telling their employees to keep a watchful eye on their inboxes or phone in to their managing directors tomorrow morning.

JP Morgan Chase: “The policy depends on the situation, but in general, employees should check with their managers for direction.  We notify our employees of any weather-related operations issues via an employee hotline, email and our employee intranet.”

UBS: “UBS will be business as usual on Wednesday, but there are systems in place for employees who are unable to make it into the office and they can work remotely from home.”

Update: An internal email from UBS states: “At this time we anticipate that the exchanges and all UBS offices will operate as usual on Wednesday. Managers are asked to use their discretion and knowledge of business needs to ensure sufficient coverage in the office and determine whether alternate work arrangements are appropriate.

Barclays said that they do not comment about internal matters. Pffft. We’ve already got our internal spies ready to inform us the moment employees here from us.

Update: Yeah. Our spies totally came through. Drinks on us, guys!

Deustche Bank refused to comment, and were grumpy about us even asking.

Bank of America: “The safety and security of associates and customers are our first priority.” The bank also said they had internal measures in place to deal with such events, including work from home plans if necessary and that they would let employees know if there were any changes.

We’re still waiting on responses from several banks, but if you are getting a snow day, or HR is being a real Scrooge, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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