Snowpocalypse 101: Here's What You Need To Work From Home During A Blizzard

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Photo: Dan Ngyuen NY via Flickr

The first Snowpocalypse of winter slammed the northeast this weekend, dumping almost 20 inches of snow in some places.If you’re snowed out of your office like we are at Business Insider, you’re probably still stuck working from home today.

There are plenty of gadgets to keep you just as productive at home as you would be if you were chained to your cube at the office.

Here’s what you’ll need to stay busy during this blizzard and the next:

  • A Bluetooth speaker phone accessory for your smartphone will let you conduct conference calls with your colleagues and clients. We’ve used the Blue Ant S4 ($72.91 on Amazon) before, and it delivers excellent sound quality. There are several other great options to choose from too.
  • Skype is another great way to hold meetings and conference calls with your coworkers. You can use it to video chat and hold meetings as if you were in the same office. Download it here for free.
  • If you need a file on your office computer, a remote log in application will help you access everything you need. One of the most popular and best-reviewed apps is LogMeIn. It works within your web browser to gain remote access to your Mac or PC. There are several service options that start at $69.95 per year for each computer.
  • If your internet is down due to the blizzard, use a portable hotspot like Verizon’s 3G Mifi to get online. The Mifi is now free with a two-year contract.
  • A power outage is no longer a viable excuse for not getting work done. With a gas-powered generator you can keep your gear running all day. Consumer Search has a list of affordable generators ($200 and up) that will power everything you need to stay productive in the dark.
  • Stay caffeinated and warm throughout the day with a single-cup coffee dispenser like the models Keurig offers. (We have one at the Business Insider office and it’s a lifesaver). This Mini Brewer holds one cup’s worth of water at a time and will have your joe ready in seconds. ($106.99 on Amazon)

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