13 Examples Of People Being Awesome In The Middle Of The Atlanta Traffic Jam

Amid all the snow-related nonsense going down in Atlanta, people are showing immense compassion on a local Facebook group, SnowedOutAtlanta.

People are using the group, created by Georgia resident Michelle Sollicito, to post their locations, asking for help for themselves or their loved ones. The most tragic stories involve diabetics, the elderly, and families with young children, especially infants. Some people can’t even get in touch with their families.

Aside from calls for help, offers of assistance are also being publicized. People with large vehicles are selflessly posting their contact information to retrieve those stranded or bring supplies. Members are also opening up their homes for shelter.

The posts are getting shares, tons of likes, and comments offering prayers and hope. The group — at 41,000 members and counting — is getting almost too big to help.

Here are just a few of the amazing posts:

1. Eric Morissey: “Hey people on Interstate 20 westbound at McDaniel Street Exit 55 — it’s lunch time! I am packing up now with 16 lunches, and ~3 gallons of water, and some cups and plates too. Who’s hungry? Send me the deets!”

2. Katrina R: “On our way with crackers, bananas, water and snack cakes. If you’re on 285 near 5 or 7, let us know. We’re coming to you and it’s free.”

3. Debbie Wilson Pusterino: “Just left some supplies on the median on 285 East near exit 29.”

4. “The hot chocolate guys have been identified! Dozens of you sent us photos of these guys serving hot cocoa to stranded motorists on I-75. We now know the men behind the kindness are Zach Haedt and Sam Tarquina. LIKE this! It’s a great way to say thanks to all the people doing nice things in the #GeorgiaSnow,” 11alive News wrote.

5. “GOOD SAMARITAN: Matthew Miller is on I-75 near Turner Field handing out food to stranded motorists. He packed PB&Js, cereal and hot cocoa for anyone who needs it.”

“I saw on Facebook people had been out here for 18 hours…so I just thought I’d try to help out any way I could,” Miller told WSB-TV.

6. Graham Lutz: “Where am I needed? Can make it just about anywhere?”

7. Jeanne Harn: “We just walked 2 miles to I75, to pass out snacks & things in Kennesaw.. I75 south is still backed up. There were college students walking the interstate as well, handing out fruit & things. So happy to see everyone helping. We just walked 2 miles back home, will warm up, & then head out the 2 miles to I575, to help those folks.. This is my son Darwin, my daughter Faith, and husband Randall…”

8. Payten Readfern: “I’m near Little Five Points. .. gassed up and ready. Who needs help?!”

9. Erin Ashley and others have created a map based on comments on the SnowedOutAtlanta page. The various colours represent different emergency situations.

10. Brij Patel and Time Price: “Our 8th and 9th rescue in 3.5 hours. Headed to Dallas GA now. Stay safe folks. Anyone around Dallas GA coming back to Marietta, contact me.”

11. Rebecca Watters: “I wish I could tag these amazing strangers. I walked down to Veterans Memorial Highway to bring food and water to stranded motorists. We found a woman and her quadriplegic husband that were stuck in her car all night. They had no food or water and couldn’t walk because he is wheelchair bound.

These amazing men used their own chains on the woman’s car. They helped the couple navigate to a complete stranger’s house so that they could get in from the cold. The stranger opened their doors to this woman and her handicapped husband.

Gestures like this should restore everyone’s faith in humanity.”

12. Randall D. Fox: “That’s Patrick for you – all smiles – just returned from 285/ Roswell Road – traffic is moving west bound slowly and east bound wide open – Roswell Road wide open – ice melting. It was easy to get him to help – he has cabin fever and an all wheel drive vehicle.”

13. Tommonica JJ. Scott: “Please let me know if anyone needs help paying for gas, food or rooms. I’m in Savannah and willing to help if they take card payments by phone. I’m not rich but I can help a little.”

Businesses like Chik-fil-a have also hopped on board, offering free food and coffee to stranded people in certain areas.

One commenter, Camille Dent, claims a Hyatt hotel was kicking people out onto the streets. The establishment later changed its mind after group members contacted management, according to further comments.

Sollicito, however, made it clear that anything other than positivity won’t be tolerated.

“Because many who need help have limited mobile phone battery life, please limit posts to those that DIRECTLY HELP those in need.PLEASE DONT POST THANK YOUS and POLITICAL GRUMBLINGS until AFTER the emergency is over – then you can feel free to rant.”

She also split the larger group into smaller, location-based ones. The original, SnowedOutAtlanta, currently has over 41,1000 members and counting.

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