The 'Snowden' trailer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes inside the whistleblower's head

Snowden trailer finalOpen Road Films‘Snowden.’

The trailer for Oliver Stone’s highly anticipated film about Edward Snowden is now here.

In “Snowden,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the man who was responsible for revealing NSA surveillance activity.

What stands out is that it looks like Stone is going to tell the story as a political thriller, detailing the secretive way Snowden took the information that would make him a hero to some and a traitor to others. And it looks at what exactly motivated Snowden’s actions.

And then there’s Gordon-Levitt’s imitation of Snowden’s voice, which will certainly lead to a lot of talk on social media.

See (and hear) it for yourself here. “Snowden” opens in theatres September 16.


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