A German Company Is Using Edward Snowden To Sell Lingerie

Social media campaigns always try to hijack newsworthy events to make a brand seem relevant and edgy, which is why NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden is the new subject of a series of German lingerie ads.

edward snowden lingerie ad

Blush lingerie released a series of ads that touts Snowden (“There’s still a lot to uncover,” it reads) and chastises the government (“Dear NSA, intimates — don’t spy them, buy them!”)

Blush’s website goes further with its Snowden support: 

blush lingerie german ad edward snowden

Even offering him a new asylum:

blush lingerie german ad edward snowden

Blush isn’t the first brand to jump on the NSA bandwagon. Denny’s poked fun at the scandal on Twitter shortly after it broke:

denny's nsa scandal twitter
twitter usa today nsa vegas

And Las Vegas’ tourism board launched a Twitter campaign and bought a full page ad in USA Today reminding the world that while the NSA is breaching privacy, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Here’s the rest of Blush’s campaign:

nsa blush lingerie german ad
blush lingerie german ad edward snowden

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