25-Year-Old Snowboarder Dies After Getting Trapped In An Ice Tunnel

A 25-year-old snowboarder, Collin Backowski from Colorado, was killed after he was caught in a collapsing ice tunnel on Saturday afternoon.

Rescue teams recovered Backowski’s body from Oregon’s Mount Hood on Sunday.

Backowski was with five other friends when the incident occurred.

KWG.com has more:

Around 4 p.m., Backowski got ahead of the group by about 30 or 40 feet as they were walking through a naturally-formed ice tunnel.

Then, an ice chunk about the size of a school bus came crashing down on him.

The group tried to dig out their friend but the ice was too thick.

Rescue teams had to use chainshaws and other tools to reach Backowski’s body.

A large amount of slushy snow, brought on by warm temperatures, made the rescue attempt especially difficult.

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