US Snowboarders Simultaneously Crash At The Finish Line In A Crazy Photo Finish

Snowboard cross — an event where multiple snowboarders race down a course at the same time — is one of the more off-the-wall sports at the Olympics.

On Tuesday, we got a prime example.

With only one spot left in the finals of the Olympic men’s snowboard cross, U.S. racers Alex Deibold and Trevor Jacobs came crashing into the line in a remarkable finish.

Jacobs was in third, slightly ahead of Deibold, with a few yards to go in their semifinal heat. Only the top three finishers advanced to the final.

Just when it looked like Jacobs would cruise into the line, he lost his balance, swerved, and crashed. At the same time Deibold lunged for the line, his board slipped out from under him, and he tumbled to the finish.

Unreal (via BBC):

Too close to call:

Deibold advanced by a hair:

Good sportsmanship:

Deibold went on to win bronze in the final:

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