This Video Shows The Chaos Caused By Back-To-Back Snowstorms In The Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest stormScreenshot via APThis is a plane. We promise.

Starting Thursday and lasting through the weekend, back-to-back snowstorms pummelled the Pacific Northwest.

The first blast dropped more than a foot of snow and caused a massive five-car pile-up in Washington that left on person dead, the Guardian reported. Multiple crashes also occurred in Oregon, essentially closing the highway for five hours, the state’s transportation department told the Guardian.

The second storm closely followed, a rare meteorological event, bringing ice this time, according to USA Today. The area hasn’t seen so much snow since 2008.

“It is a complete ice rink out there,” Seattle resident Sabel-Dodge told the Houston Chronicle on Sunday. “It’s a good inch of ice, … [I]t doesn’t look like it’s going to melt soon.”

The storm originated from the “Pineapple Express,” the name for a front of moisture from the tropics that brings heavy rain and snow to the West Coast, according to USA Today.

This video from the Associated Press shows the damage. At one point, an Oregon airport’s landing area looked like a total white-out.

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