2014 Could Start Off With A Massive Snow Storm

Well that didn’t take long. 2014 hasn’t even started and already meteorologists are predicting it could kick off with a major snowstorm, hitting parts of New England as early as Thursday.

Two systems are expected to merge into one powerful low-pressure system, according to Weather.com, which has the potential to bring some heavy snowfall, perhaps six inches or more. There will also be low temperatures for New England, including potential single-digit temperatures in New York City

For most of New England, it seems likely that there will be “enough snow to shovel and plow,” AccuWeather.com senior meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

It’s too early to give more specific snowfall amounts, since the storm is still three or four days away, originating from a system that is now parked off the Alaskan coastline.

“This storm is by no means ‘locked up’ just yet,” Boston-based meteorologist Terry Eliasen said.

Despite the uncertainty, a few meteorologists are going wild about the snow storm’s potential on Twitter.

Meteorologist Ryan Maue tweeted this scary-looking map of the forecasted low pressure system (in green):

Jim Cantore is also warning about the potential for heavy snow:

Meanwhile, many parts of the country should prepare for bitter cold weather. “Temperatures across the central U.S. will continue to be 10-30 degrees below normal as an arctic airmass remains in place,” the National Weather Service said. “Gusty winds in this region will contribute to extremely cold wind chills.”

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