Apple's New OS Exposes Users To Security Flaw

Apple’s (AAPL) Snow Leopard puts users at risk by installing an older version of Adobe’s (ADBE) Flash player, Adobe announced on its blog yesterday:

The initial release of Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) includes an earlier version of Adobe Flash Player than what is available from We recommend all users update to the latest, most secure version of Flash Player (

Users who install Snow Leopard are not informed that their Flash player has been downgraded. This is a security risk, as the earlier version of the Flash player – – is not patched against some security problems, says PCWorld:

As operating systems have become harder to exploit, hackers have turned their attention to probing third-party applications.

Adobe’s programs are an attractive target. Millions upon millions of computers worldwide have Flash Player, as well as other products as Acrobat and Reader, used for PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

Hackers have found ways to create malicious PDF documents that exploit a vulnerability when opened.

Apple’s (AAPL) marketing strategy has long depended on claims that the Mac OSX is more secure than Microsoft (MSFT) Windows. If this issue develops into any kind of serious problem, it could dull that edge.

Image: Notjake13

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