snow in New York City nemo noreasterThe view of the snow from the Business Insider offices in the Flatiron district in New York City.

Photo: Jennifer Welsh/Business Insider

It is now snowing in New York City.We’ve seen reports of snow everywhere form Jersey City to Chelsea and Flatiron. It’s snowing in the Village, and on the BQE from South Brooklyn.

The snow is just the beginning of the blizzard named Nemo, which will bring whiteout conditions and up to a foot of snow to the city.

The transition to snow from rain is about three hours earlier than expected, Eric Holthaus said on twitter.

This could mean we will end up on the high end of predictions. Most of the meteorologists we have been following are saying we will end up with about a foot of snow total.

The snow will be much worse in New England, especially in Boston, where they expect up to 36 inches of snow.

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