Snoopy has been fired as the mascot of MetLife insurance

It’s a sad day for Snoopy: The “Peanuts” character is being fired as a mascot for MetLife, a relationship that has lasted more than 30 years.

MetLife announced Thursday that it’s phasing out use of Snoopy to promote the brand, Bloomberg News reports.

The insurance company first looked to the character in the 1980s when it wanted a loveable character to appeal to individual customers. Together, the two created some iconic advertising that few might’ve previously expected from the realm of insurance.

“We have a lot of affection for Snoopy,” Chief Marketing Officer Esther Lee told Bloomberg of the transition. “He’s rated very high as a good friend and on approachability. Where he didn’t rate as high is things like, as a leader, keeps promises, is a good adviser.”

Of course, Snoopy was a bit of a troublemaker in the original comics, and had moments where he mocked his own Charlie Brown.

MetLife also announced it has a new tagline: “MetLife. Navigating life together.”

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