Snoop Dogg steps into the Twitter CEO ring

Snoop dogg airbnbVivien Killilea/Getty ImagesSnoop Dogg wants to be the bo$$US of Twitter now.

Twitter’s next CEO needs to be someone “who really uses and loves the product in every single way,” said newly appointed interim Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

If Dorsey is looking for a candidate list, he can just turn to his own product.

 By including his own #SnoopforCEO hashtag, Snoop Dogg shows potential for the position. 

Farhad Manjoo, a New York Times reporter, said it was “his job to lose”, although his follower count doesn’t quite match Snoop’s.

Another tech journalist, Ed Bott, stepped up for the job, although he remains a few thousand retweets away from getting it.

 A fake account for the anonymous creator of bitcoin nominated the blockchain. It unfortunately lacks the human qualification that CEOs have.

 This Tweet-in might be most accurate though.


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