Matthew McConaughey 'rapped for 13 hours straight' after Snoop Dogg swapped his fake joint for a real one on the set of their new movie

Amy Sussman / Getty ImagesSnoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey had a whale of a time shooting ‘The Beach Bum.’
  • Matthew McConaughey was flying high on the set of his new movie courtesy of some Snoop Dogg narcotics.
  • The duo star in “The Beach Bum,” directed by Harmony Korine, which is out in theatres on Friday March 29.
  • They were on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday night to promote the film when McConaughey recalled how Snoop had replaced his prop joint with a real one in their first scene together.
  • According to Snoop, McConaughey was rapping for “13 hours straight” afterwards.

Today in unlikely celebrity bromances: Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey.

The duo appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday night to promote their new movie directed by Harmony Korine, “The Beach Bum.”

Like Korine’s “Spring Breakers” (2012) with James Franco, “The Beach Bum” throws the audience into a world of sex, drugs, and depravity led by McConaughey’s stoner-writer lead who goes by the name of “Moondog.”

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Nevertheless, McConaughey probably didn’t expect to be indulging in any narcotics himself – before Snoop Dogg turned up, that is.

Matthew McConaughey on the set with Neon / ViceMatthew McConaughey on the set with ‘The Beach Bum’ writer-director Harmony Korine.

On Kimmel, Snoop recalled turning up on set and finding a bunch of fake blunts and joints filled with oregano ready for the shoot. “I’m like, ‘Oh no,'” Snoop said, “‘Who is that for? That’s not for me?'”

“That was supposed to be for me!” McConaughey interjected.

McConaughey then spins the yarn of his first scene with Snoop, where Snoop’s character “Lingerie” turns “Moondog” onto the “magic weed.”

“I turned to Snoop and I said, ‘These are my prop joints: oregano,’ because I know I’m gonna be pulling,” McConaughey said.

“It’s about an eight-minute take,” he continued, “It’s a long take if you’re passing a joint back and forth and you’re smoking hardcore [weed].

“So the scene goes on and after the scene, I just feel like man I’m not sure that was prop [weed].

“And Snoop goes: ‘Yo Moondog, that wasn’t prop weed, that was Snoop weed.'”

McConaughey then says he didn’t speak another word of English for the rest of the night to which Snoop replies: “You rapped for 13 hours straight.”

“It was one of those highs where I didn’t really catch my breath until 5.30 p.m. the next day,” McConaughey recalled.

You can watch the full exchange below:

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