Snoop Dogg Is Selling Hot Pockets

The artist formerly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, turned Snoop Lion, is now shilling Hot Pockets.

The rapper adapted the classic “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to “Pocket Like It’s Hot” for the microwavable snack. There’s an accompanying Facebook campaign as well. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The winning excerpt has to be the line:

So don’t change the dizzle, turn it up a lizzle / Got some cheesy drizzle dripping on my shizzle / Waiting on the brizzle’s, the pizzle, the dizzle Gs, when da cheese hits your tongue it’ll scream “Fo Sizzle”

But things could be worse.

Billy Johnson at Yahoo points out that the commercial is at least better than when MC Hammer starred in a KFC commercial.

Furthermore, even though the Hot Pocket spot shows scantily-clad video vixens dancing in a rain of pepperoni, Snoop’s spot probably won’t spark as much controversy as other rappers’ recent food commercials.

Earlier this year, Burger King pulled a spot in which Mary J. Blige rhapsodized about “crispy chicken” after the company was slammed for playing up racial stereotypes (See the Mary J. Blige spot below). 

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