Check Out The Blingy Lounge Snoop Dogg Designed For SXSW

When you think of Snoop Dogg, interior design probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But this week at SXSW, Snoop presented a one-of-a-kind room he designed in collaboration with HGTV’s Emily Henderson, sponsored by Airbnb.

The pop-up lodging included a furnished living room and an adjoining covered deck.

Snoop hosted a picnic and tour of the space during an event appropriately titled “the Wake + Bake Brunch” on Tuesday morning. Attendees feasted on breakfast sandwiches and coffee.

The bedazzled design seems very Snoop-like.

Inside, he went for gold wallpaper with marijuana leaf details, a not-so-subtle “BO$$” sign, and luxurious leather and velvet furniture.

Here’s Snoop himself, posing on the couch.

These gold throne-like chairs sit on the covered deck, located just outside the living room.

Airbnb Park also features pop-ups designed by Capital Cities and Allen Stone.

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