MTV's Snooki Opened Her Own Etsy Shop -- And People Are Actually Buying Her Stuff

Gone are the days spent at the Jersey Shore.

MTV star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has gone the route of Martha, Blake, and Gwyneth; getting in touch with her inner artist and “launching Nicole’s Craft Room, an Etsy store where she shills handmade mugs, candles, wine glasses and more,” The New York Post reports.

And she’s actually selling her crafts — the entire store is sold out.

So far The Post says she’s logged 156 sales of her kitschy mugs and vases since the store opened on December 3rd.

Most of the items have phrases written on them in Polizzi’s handwriting (“Jesus Take The Wheel” is a favourite.)

“So excited to have finally opened up my own etsy store! Hope you guys enjoy my stuff, because I LOVE making everything offered here!” she writes on the store’s information section.

The store currently says its getting Christmas orders out but will reopen soon.

For now, take a look at two of the crafts offered by Polizzi, which she recently Instagrammed.

This “Party like the Jersey Shore” wine glass:

And this mug giving MTV co-star and BFF JWoww a shout out:

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