Snooki Tries To Trademark Her Name…And Loses To A Cat

snooki jersey shore bag

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Poor Shnookums. The Jersey Shore train wreck tried to trademark her name but was defeated by a fictional cat.Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wanted to own the rights to her nickname in connection with her TV personality and books, but the USPTO already granted a fictional feline the rights back in 2004.

Snooky the Cat apparently has his own line of books, Adventures of Snooky, from Brian J. Publishing Inc.  The Trademark Office fears there would be a “likelihood of confusion” between Snooky and Snooki.

Regardless, Snooki is still on the prowl for a way to defeat the same-named feline and is opposing the Trademark Office’s decision.

Entrepreneurs, don’t get snookered like Snooki:

According to Nina Kaufman, a legal blogger for, “Too many entrepreneurs jump into the trademark pool with both feet. 

They don’t check to see whether they’ll be landing atop someone else’s head… in which case all of the money they’ve pumped into logos, websites, text and marketing initiatives may need to be scrapped.

They can avoid getting snookered like Snooki, and fully check out that great new mark before they waste the money.”

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