Images Of The Devastating Mudslide That Killed At Least 8 And Destroyed A Neighbourhood Outside Of Seattle

A mudslide occurred 55 miles north of Seattle on Saturday, March 22. It ravaged an entire neighbourhood in Oso, Wash., destroying at least six homes, and blocked a part of the Stillaguamish River, causing flooding.

“I just saw the darkness coming across the road. Everything was gone in three seconds,” resident Paulo Falcao told The Daily Herald.

Originally, authorities reported three people died. The newest numbers show eight dead, eight injured, and 18 still missing.

The search continues today — although quicksand-like conditions have hindered progress.

These photos show the immense and deadly destruction.

An aerial view shows this house almost completely submerged in water, likely from the flooded Stillaguamish River. Nearly 15-20 feet of debris have dammed up the river, creating more flooding concerns.

A rescue vehicle visits a house strewn across mile marker 37 on Highway 530.

Here’s a closer look.

The red “X” shows authorities have already searched the house for survivors. 18 people remain missing.

The landslide caused even more damage, flattening at least six homes in a neighbourhood in Oso, Wash.

Above, people examine the debris. The mudslide reportedly measures one square mile and 15 feet deep in certain places.

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