SNL’s Kind-Of-Hard-To-Find Web Hit


The NYT notes that Saturday Night Live’s latest attempt to create a viral video hit has created a viral video hit. The NBC’s show “Iran So Far Away” video, which depicts Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Andy Samberg in love, has been viewed some 300,000 times on YouTube since it originally aired this weekend.

That’s no “Dick In A Box,” which has racked up 29 million views and an Emmy since it aired in December, but should still be heartening for NBC executives. Our question: Since the video is designed to be distributed on YouTube, why doesn’t it show up on YouTube’s “NBC channel”? And why do many of the links to the video result in the infamous YouTube “red box” takedown notice? Update: Idolator‘s Maura Johnston knows! NBC can’t promote the clip because it doesn’t have the rights to an Aphex Twin song sampled in the video. NYT