The SNL Strike Video NBC Doesn't Want You To See

Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen and Amy Poehler created a sharp parody of a greedy studio head “Roger A. Trivanti” on Weekend Update that aired Nov. 3rd — two days before SNL writers and the rest of their union went out on strike. No surprise there. It was almost immediately uploaded to YouTube; also no surprise.

More unusual is that NBC U lawyers apparently didn’t notice that the WGA East, the east coast division of writers’ union, was using the clip on its own site up until last night. It’s gone now — recall that NBC doesn’t want any of its content on YouTube anymore because it’s saving it for itself (and Hulu, supposedly) —  but we’ve found a copy of it that we’ve posted after the jump.

In the meantime, another video on the same site illustrates one of the writers’ most valuable assets in the strike — they’re better with words than their bosses are.

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