Someone made a supercut of 'SNL' stars breaking character, and it will make you cry laughing

SNLScreengrab‘The Californians.’

When sketches on “Saturday Night Live” are funny (or falling apart) enough to make the actors in the scene crack up, the show takes on a riotous style of humour that few programs on television can match.   

Whereas Jimmy Fallon — who often could not get through a scene without breaking character — tended to take things too far, other “SNL” stars like Bill Hader turned the “crackup” bit into an art form.

In a new supercut video, YouTube user Kate McKinnon TV has compiled a number of great moments of “SNL” character-breaking, dating from present-day Kate McKinnon to the early 2000s, when Will Ferrell was consistently making Jimmy Fallon struggle to get through a scene without laughing. 

Some sketches, like the Rachel Dratch-led “Debbie Downer” and the bizarre but hilarious “The Californians,” were so prone to character-breaking that the actors’ laughter eventually became the funniest thing about them. 

Check out the video below:

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