SNL: Really, Arnold Schwarzenegger? You’re Sleazy, And You’re Lazy Too?

SNL Schwarzenegger

Last night on Weekend Update, Seth Meyers broke out one of his best bits: “Really!?! with Seth” where he expresses complete bewilderment over something someone has done.

This time the object of derision this time was, you guessed it, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who Meyers blasted for not only being sleazy, but also lazy about it too!

“Really, Arnold Schwarzenegger? You had an affair with the maid in your house. You know, when powerful people have affairs they usually put a little effort into it. I mean, really. Secret rendezvous, high priced call girls. What did you do? Just sit in your recliner and point at your weiner whenever someone walked into the room?”

Meyers did seem to admire Arnold for having “giant balls for a guy who definitely has tiny steroid balls,” but also called Schwarzenegger “Oprah but with babies,” in that everybody in his audience gets one.

So is there any chance of Arnold redeeming himself after this whole fiasco?

“If this baby is the future leader of the human resistance against our robot overlords we won’t forgive you but it will help your case. Really.”

Hey, at least he’s got a shot!

Video below: