'SNL' star Pete Davidson: 'I quit drugs' and am 'sober for the first time in 8 years'

On Monday, “Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson took to his Instagram to reveal that he has been battling drug addiction and is now sober.

“I know I’ve kinda been missing, on social media and on the show,” Davidson wrote in his post. “I quit drugs and am happy and sober for the first time in 8 years.”

Davidson, 23, gives credit to his girlfriend, Cazzie David (daughter of Larry David), for getting him on the straight and narrow. He posted pictures of the two together on Instagram a few hours after his post on his sobriety.

In an interview with High Times last year, Davidson revealed that he has Crohn’s disease and taking medical marijuana is the only thing that makes him able to perform on “SNL.”

“I found that the medicines that the doctors were prescribing me and seeing all these doctors and trying new things … weed would be the only thing that would help me eat,” he said.

Read Davidson’s complete Instagram post below:


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