SNL's Mark Zuckerberg: "My One Regret With Facebook Is Poking. Poking Is Creepy And Lame"

SNL did a skit on Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction to “The Social Network” and Andy Samberg was tasked to play the 26-year old billionaire role. A few quick hits:

  • “Of course I did that to look good after the movie! What does it matter? It was $100 million! That’s HOVERBOARD money!”
  • “Can we talk about casting please? I mean, Sean Parker gets Justin frickin’ Timberlake and I get Jesse Eisenberg. It’s like – Hey, we’re making a movie about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Steve you’re going to be played by Brad Pitt and Bill you’re going to be played by a cardboard box with glasses glued to it.”
  • “My one regret with Facebook is poking. Poking is creepy and lame and getting an email saying that your dad poked you is an enormous bummer.”

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