SNL: Obama’s Bin Laden Victory Lap Turns Into An Awful Stand Up Comedy Act!

SNL Obama

Earlier this week Barack Obama was bashed by the right wing for doing “a victory lap after the capture and death of Osama bin Laden”… because he mentioned it one time in a speech.

Last night SNL imagined what it would have looked like if Obama did decide to rub the victory in and the result was not pretty.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (Jason Sudeikis) reported on Obama’s (Fred Armisen) speech in Texas, which the President made sure to remind everyone was the “home of George W, Bush, the 43rd President. The 43rd President not to get bin Laden that is.” And it only got worse from there.

Obama’s confidence was so high that he started “openly smoking” and even considered dropping his first name so he would become “President Hussein Obama.”

He even started doing a touchdown dance!

But it got really bad when he verged into his standup comedy routine with his brand new catchphrase:

“Kiiiiiiiill bin Laden!”

Now that we’ve seen what an Obama victory lap would really look like, I think we can all feel glad we didn’t have to actually sit through it.

Video below: