SNL Mocks Marvel's Success With Ridiculous Movie Ideas

After “Guardians of the Galaxy” killed it at the box office this summer, “Saturday Night Live” used host Chris Pratt to mock the success of Marvel films, joking that they do well no matter what the storyline.

In a parody movie trailer, “SNL” notes how Marvel “can’t fail” and teases a few ridiculous new films, both real and fake.

“Next summer, we’re releasing ‘Ant-Man,’ about a guy who talks to ants! What? Yeah!”

“We don’t even need comic books anymore, we made a superhero by pointing at a bunch of different random words in the dictionary.”

“You’re going to fall in love with Marvel’s ‘Creatures of the Cosmos’ — a pastry chef, a Harlem Globe Trotter, an alien real estate sign spinner, a dude dressed as Grimace, and an office chair.”

“And check out this bold move — we took the first four people we found on a city bus and made a movie with them! We dare you not to see… Marvel’s ‘Bus People.'”

“Get ready for the spin-off, Marvel’s ‘Pam.’ Pam doesn’t matter, she will make $US3 billion dollars…

“And so will Marvel’s ‘Fancy Ghosts.'”

“And ‘Some Fancy Shopping Carts.'”

“And ‘Pam 2: Winter Pam.'”

“And Marvel’s ‘Star Wars.'”

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