Former first ladies try to cheer up Melania Trump about her husband's alleged affair in biting 'SNL' sketch

NBC ‘Saturday Night Live’/YouTubeFormer first ladies visit Melania Trump before the State of the Union address in ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch.
  • On “Saturday Night Live,” Melania Trump (played by Cecily Strong) debated whether she would attend her husband’s first State of the Union speech..
  • Former first ladies appeared to give her advice, including host Natalie Portman playing Jackie Kennedy.

Melania Trump got a little help from her friends on this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

In a sketch that saw a stressed-out Mrs. Trump pouting as she prepared to attend the State of the Union address, former first ladies – dead and alive – came to her to share their wisdom.

Portman, star of the movie “Jackie,” appeared from a cloud of smoke as the late first lady Jackie Kennedy.

“I have come to you in your hour of need, because I know how trying being first lady can be,” Portman said. “All first ladies have a platform. Yours is bullying; mine was little hats.”

Trump is notoriously private and has all but disappeared from the public eye since reports of her husband President Donald Trump’s alleged affair with porn star Stephanie Clifford, who also goes by the stage name Stormy Daniels.

In real life, the first lady did attend the State of the Union address – though she arrived separately from her husband, wearing an all-white pantsuit. The colour has been associated with the #MeToo movement, which left people wondering if Trump was dressed in support.

Portman’s Kennedy tried to console Trump by saying that she wasn’t the only first lady whose husband had an affair. “Jack cheated on with me Marilyn Monroe,” Portman said.

“She was in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.’ Donald’s girl was in, ‘Guys Like It Shaved,'” Trump (played by Cecily Strong) said. “No first lady has been more humiliated than me.”

Not a moment too soon, Kate McKinnon arrived as Hillary Clinton.

“Melania, I feel your pain, but you married him. And like America you had a choice, so don’t choose to eat 7-11 sushi and then come to me saying, ‘Something’s wrong!'” McKinnon said.

Saturday night live snl first ladies melania trump 9NBC ‘Saturday Night Live’/YouTubeAidy Bryant as Martha Washington joined the first ladies in consoling first lady Melania Trump.

Aidy Bryant as Martha Washington plowed her way into the conversation by putting an axe through the bedroom window. When Strong-as-Trump suggested that she skip the speech to avoid further embarrassment, Bryant reminded Trump of her duties as first lady.

“Your job is to be your husband’s confidante,” “to host foreign dignitaries,” and “to be the beautiful woman on his arm,” Bryant said.

“Yeah, that’s Ivanka’s territory,” Strong replied.

Lastly, Leslie Jones joined the effort to cheer up Trump as a vegetable-loving Michelle Obama. She bragged about her “perfect relationship” with former President Barack Obama. “It’s like ‘The Notebook,’ but black and rich,” Jones said.

In the end, Trump agreed to attend the State of the Union address, but said she would quietly protest by staying seated and not clapping.

Watch the full sketch below:

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