'SNL' spoofs Kanye West's bizarre Oval Office meeting with Trump

NBCKanye West’s recent trip to the White House was the topic of SNL’s cold open on October 13th.
  • The opening sketch of “Saturday Night Live” on October 13 was a parody of Kanye West’s visit to the White House on Thursday.
  • Cast member Chris Redd played a soliloquizing Kanye, who baffles everyone in the room – including President Donald Trump.

The cold open of “Saturday Night Live” this week just had to be a spoof of Kanye West’s off-the-rails meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Cast member Chris Redd played a MAGA-hat wearing Kanye, and Alec Baldwin returned as Trump. Kenan Thompson portrayed football legend Jim Brown, who was also present at the chaotic meeting, which was originally organised to discuss prison reform.

Most of the sketch features Kanye espousing his various ideas, such as “time is a myth” and that the 13th Amendment should be abolished so that the constitutional amendments jump from 12 to 14 “like skyscraper elevators.”

Meanwhile, Trump and Brown react to Kanye’s bizarre rant via internal monologues. Brown wonders if Kanye might be “tri-polar” while Trump comes to the realisation that Kanye is “black me.”

“Maybe we should order your lunch from a pharmacy,” Trump remarks at the end of the sketch.

Watch the full clip below:

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